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A Young Person's Guide to Corruption

Scheduled Time: fri 2000 - 2200 on channel 1
DJs: Reese, Vaman
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: Hobbyworks
AIM: CorruptionRadio

About: The Passion of the Tripp Johnston: What Pope Benedict XVI has to say about A Young Person's Guide to Corruption: "Please be prepared for moping, soaping, and rope-a-doping. This has been my favorite show for many years. I prefer when they play klassix like Pavement, but the Morrissey and the Dylan and the Swedish thing is OK, too. Having just bought every 7" Matador has ever released recently, you might be able to understand why I would rather listen to something like Wisdom of Harry, rather than U2 or Egg Hunt. I'll tell you what I am looking forward to is that celebration of MERGE. Now that's something I'm excited about. I know it doesn't make sense, but I want the Arcade Fire to play at that festival. Maybe Obama will make an appearance. I don't know. Do you know how many times I rewinded my TiVo on, uh...what was it...the 20th?! A lot, let me tell you. Anyway. Sorry. This Whopper, Jr. is soooo good. Wait, let me tell you about Ehywhypeeguheetea. They have had some cool guests, but dang, I mean- Look. I'm a K Recs guy. And that's what's gotta happen. Am I looking forward to the Spiv album? Well, yeah, duh. But, see, I- Calvin Johnson- uh...where do I begin? Let me just establish the fact that Heavenly is my favorite band of all time. Is that enough? Is that good enough for you? Los Lobos are a close second but after they left Warner, eh- It just left a bad taste in my mouth. But Dionne Warwick: There's a real woman, for you. I don't know why we can't have more women like her in the music business. Would that really be so wrong? Ugh. Have you heard the new Hatebreed crud? Dear Lord, forgive me. I can't stand that band. But let me tell you something. I give a lot of credit to Slipknot, for starting what they did. I mean, they started it all with the mask thing. KISS? Have you heard of that band? I just saw something about them on, uh...VH1 Classic, I think? The band stinks it looks like. Really, they stole Slipknot's aesthetic entirely. Why? I don't know. Would I rather see ICP up there more than KISS? Yes, any day, you bet. Yes, ICP's lyrics aren't exactly my cup of tea, but at least they have a passionate following. It's not like KISS has been around for decades like ICP. O Buddha, have you heard the new Boss album? The man is losing it. Stick to acoustic balladry and depression, I say. That's when his best stuff comes out. I mean, really: Born In The U.S.A. was very overrated. I can't even talk about it any more. And you can put this on record: I liked, yes, liked, Death Magnetic. Sheesh, sorry you didn't. It's a solid album. Like the Vampire Weekend one. Solid. They know how to write a pop song, that's it. All this talk about pop puts me in the mood for Unwed Sailor and some Weezer. Haha, I'm name-dropping, sorry. You haven't heard of Weezer, have you? Yeah, they're pretty small. They have this new one, um, Pinkerton. Yeah, that spoke to me a lot, being a Priest and all. You know who I'm sick of, though? Superdrag. And while we're at it, Supergrass. I mean, why? Why? Someone please shut them up. Where's Lockett Pundt when you need him, right? Haha, L-O-L. Anyway. I need to feed my cats. Wha- What the dickens is that? What? Okay, you need to shut your mouth. Your music taste is crap. Shut up. Shut up. And no, I did not like the Santogold record or the last yelworC album. That's right. Go away. What? No, I won't promote a city in Utah. They don't know me like I know myself. What is that? A Mothers of Invention reference. Watch yourself, young man. Why don't you go listen to Bowie's greatest hits or something and get over yourself? Better yet, listen to 80s Chili Peppers. I bet you've never even heard their stuff from back then. I feel like I'm talking to Nick Thorburn right now. Good-bye!"

This may not have actually been said by the Pope. But possibly a Pope impersonator.
Guests: Bristol, Trig, Piper (His mother), Sarah (her father), Willow, Horace (they don't talk about him...), Alex 'Melvin' Kao, Sergio Zambrana, Ebbie Bonczek, Woody, Sergio, Stephen Harper, Director of the Marxist Catologue Inc. (chairman of the board et. et. 5000, extension 921ok3.), Preston, Roberto, Mark Foley, LILY TOMLIN, Jesse and a scientologist to be named later.

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