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Scheduled Time: thu 1400 - 1600 on channel 1
DJs: DJ Boss Player
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: Hip-hop, R&B, Go-Go, Anythang Vicious

About: I only play good music. Why waste your time with anything else? I love playing tracks from undiscovered and local artists, so if you wanna be heard, send me your music. If it's good, I'll play it. If it's crap, I'll delete it off my computer (I need the space lol). I keep it real so you never know what I'll say when my mic is on. So, stay tuned! And remember, when you're listening to my show, you're listening to the BOSS! Nuff said...
Guests: Legacy, Princess of Controversy

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01/29/09DJ Boss Player01/29/09 15:52:47
02/05/09DJ Boss Player02/05/09 16:00:34
02/12/09DJ Boss Player02/12/09 15:51:03
02/19/09DJ Boss Player02/19/09 15:23:42
02/26/09DJ Boss Player02/26/09 15:57:19
03/05/09DJ Boss Player03/05/09 15:57:16
03/12/09DJ Boss Player03/12/09 16:01:33
03/19/09DJ Boss Player03/19/09 15:59:55
03/26/09DJ Boss Player03/26/09 15:46:19
04/02/09azar04/02/09 15:43:24
04/09/09DJ Boss Player04/09/09 15:56:04
04/23/09DJ Boss Player04/23/09 16:03:19
04/30/09DJ Boss Player04/30/09 16:10:20
05/14/09DJ Boss Player05/14/09 15:55:14