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Sci-Fi Doubl Featr

Scheduled Time: wed 1000 - 1200 on channel 1
DJs: Ken Mville
Description: ROBONATION's A.C.C.O.R.E. presents: A Musical Celebration of Androids, Automatons and Artificial Intelligence.
Genre: First.Hour - Indie Rock, Electronic ------- Second.Hour - Hardcore, Screamo, Metal

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07/09/08Ken Mville07/09/08 12:02:35
06/25/08Ken Mville06/25/08 11:50:32
07/16/08Ken Mville07/16/08 11:54:14
07/23/08Ken Mville07/23/08 11:57:40
08/13/08Ken Mville08/13/08 12:02:59
08/27/08Ken Mville08/25/08 22:06:16