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Mauled By A Baer

Scheduled Time: fri 600 - 800 on channel 1
DJs: Christian Baer
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: Alternative/Indie/Metal/Wierdo
AIM: BeerHotWingsRock

About: 1. Avoid surprising Baers at close range. If you are hiking through Baer country, make your presence known, particularly where the terrain or vegetation makes it hard to see. Make noise, sing, talk loudly, or wear a bell. 2. If possible, travel with a group. Groups are noisier and easier for Baers to detect. 3. Baers may be active at any time of the day or night, but they tend to be more active at 6-8am on Friday mornings. Plan your hikes accordingly and stay on established trails. 4. Learn and obey the rules and regulations of the wilderness and other areas you're hiking in. With that in mind, enjoy the show!
Guests: Lee Smith from Wrath of Ragnarok
Ross and Kevin from Caverns
Dave Sherman from Earthride/Spirit Caravan/Wretched
Rick Smith from Torche/Shitstorm/Mehkago N.T
Gary Isom from Unorthodox/Spirit Caravan/Pentagram/Hounds of Hasselvander

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