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Scheduled Time: fri 400 - 600 on channel 1
DJs: Emily Williams, Lauren Kaufman
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: indie, alt-country, acid folk, progressive jam, guilty pleasurez

About: audioporn: where safe sex is auditory sex / it's like sex without the germs.
Guests: Ebbie "stuff on my cat" Bonczek, Allison "anal sounds" Shulz, Shayna "snake bites" Hodkin,

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09/28/07Emily Williams09/28/07 06:01:06
10/05/07Lauren Kaufman10/05/07 06:01:40
10/12/07Lauren Kaufman10/12/07 05:58:07
10/19/07Emily Williams10/19/07 05:54:16
10/26/07Lauren Kaufman10/26/07 05:58:20
11/02/07Lauren Kaufman11/02/07 06:07:18
11/09/07Joel Sephy11/09/07 05:58:02
11/16/07Lauren Kaufman11/16/07 05:58:49
11/30/07Joel Sephy11/30/07 05:55:22
12/07/07Joel Sephy12/07/07 05:58:43
12/14/07Lauren Kaufman12/14/07 06:01:38