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Awesome Mix Vol. 42

Scheduled Time: sat 2200 - 2300 on channel 2
DJs: Gaby Pilarski, Michael Dawson, Nicholas Kellogg
Description: Tributes to the nerdy things we love
Genre: Mostly rock, some other

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02/25/17Gaby Pilarski02/25/17 23:47:20
03/04/17Michael Dawson03/06/17 11:19:17
03/11/17Nicholas Kellogg03/14/17 15:23:49
03/18/17Gaby Pilarski04/15/17 19:54:53
04/15/17Gaby Pilarski04/15/17 19:59:37
04/08/17Nicholas Kellogg04/16/17 23:49:27