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What's on Your Squanch?

Scheduled Time: sat 1000 - 1100 on channel 2
DJs: Andrew Johnston
Description: Check out some fresh, hipster takes both locally and all over the place. There's no method to the madness, and there's no problem with that.
Genre: Indie Rock/Alternative

About: What's on Your Squanch is a minimalist, post-avant garde show that is exactly as it sounds: we play and discuss whatever happens to be on our squanches that day. Our airtime is inundated with indie rock, psychedelic rock, math punk, and all your favorite underground genres. Our stipulation is any artist with less than 100k monthly listeners on Spotify, but it's more of a talking point to make us seem nuanced and cool rather than an actual constraint. Tune in for some fresh jams and ridiculous discussions!!
Guests: Jim Beam, Gary Busey, OJ Simpson

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10/22/16Andrew Johnston10/22/16 11:20:44
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