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Electric Candle

Scheduled Time: sat 1500 - 1800 on channel 1
DJs: Dominick
Description: Beatnik & Hippie Music Ad Infinitum
Genre: Psychedelic, Garage, Folk, Jazz, Ethereal

About: Find me on Facebook: Electric Candle is an electric prescription for your funky ills. Tune in Saturday afternoons at 3PM and enjoy a dose of Psychedelic, Garage, Rock, Progressive, Jazz, Folk Rock, Ethereal, Comedy and whatever else fits. Simply put it's "Hippie & Beatnik music ad infinitum." Irreverence is our only sacred cow. Prescriptions filled weekly. "Tune in, turn on and let us groove."

Archived Playlists

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01/30/16Dominick01/30/16 17:56:03
02/06/16Dominick02/06/16 19:26:30
02/13/16Dominick02/13/16 18:01:10
02/20/16Dominick02/20/16 17:59:23
02/27/16Dominick02/27/16 18:04:37
03/05/16Dominick03/05/16 17:54:10
03/12/16Dominick03/12/16 18:02:52
03/19/16Dominick03/19/16 18:01:49
03/26/16Dominick03/26/16 17:55:46
04/02/16Dominick04/03/16 02:13:19
04/09/16Dominick04/09/16 17:57:39
04/16/16Dominick04/17/16 15:05:01
04/23/16Dominick04/23/16 17:54:32
04/30/16Dominick04/30/16 18:02:51
05/07/16Dominick05/07/16 18:38:42
05/14/16Dominick05/14/16 18:34:15
05/21/16Dominick05/21/16 18:00:25