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Beauty Suffers

Scheduled Time: wed 1600 - 1800 on channel 1
DJs: Reese
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: Inspirational Goth Popsicles / Carpet Cleaning Chemicals

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    February 8th: Episode 2: "Last First": Your Host & Brain Food Corp. Executive Board
    February 22nd: Episode 4: "The 2012 Burning Man Ticket Crisis": Your Host & The Fine DJs of WRVU, WRAS, and WGMU. Plus, the dial tone of KEXP.
    February 29th: Episode 5: "Raymond Cries Alone": New New New + An Islands Is Forever In-Studio Recap
    March 7th: Episode 6: "Pop It Like You Mean It": A Beautiful Day Calls For Beautiful Music (Dance tracks & Pop Delights) + The Beauty Suffers WMUC 88.1 FM NEWS TEAM featuring Meteorologist Chris Palardy & Sports reporter Daniel Gallen + Patrick of B▲RF MY WORLD Calls In For A Fun Time + Thanks To Everyone Who Made This Show Extra Special
    March 14th: Episode 7: "When Ants Attack": A New Beautiful Day With All Your Classics + Dean & Chris + Queens
    March 28th: Episode 8: "Our Ears (Our Eyes) Today": Guest DJ Matt Dowling of D.C. music act Deleted Scenes (playing Third Rail Radio on April 22)
    April 4th: Episode 9: "Computer Training For Seniors": Guest DJ Patrick Hayes of B▲RF MY WORLD + Special Guest Emily O + Special Call-in + Lambchop & Frankie Rose concert Ticket Giveaway
    April 11th: Episode 10: "How To Make It In Electronics": Quick Chat With Pepco + Rock N Roll Music
    April 18th: Episode 11: "We Used to Have A Show. Now We Telephone Good Friends": Wedding Invitations + Calling our friends in independent radio + another installment of 'As the Dial Turns,' or 'As the WMUC Turns' if you're in the U.K.
    April 25th: Episode 12: "Inspire Gum": Interview with Andrew W.K. with Sice Club + Interviews with Xiu Xiu, Washed Out, and Chairlift! + TICKET GIVEAWAY: Andrew Bird at Ram's Head Live in Baltimore (Wed., May 9) + GUEST APPEARANCES by Elias & Paul + News Team!
    May 2nd: Episode 13: "Oh! It's Fate That I Called In": Interview with a Senior + Miles + Phril & Friends + TICKET GIVEAWAY: Light Asylum & Daughn Gibson at U Street Music Hall in D.C. (Sat., May 5)
    May 9th: Episode VOM: "PATRICK'S PRETTY PUKE": B▲RF MY WORLD takes over and makes everything beautiful and worth it
    May 16th: Episode 14: "GRAND FINALE PIZZA PARTY EXTRAVAGANZA BLOW-OUT FAREWELL GOOD-BYE": The final Beauty Suffers of all time + THANK YOU, WMUC + LOVE ALL AROUND; Guests: Sean Gray (caller and guest DJ), Mark Robinson (live performance & interview), Little Gold (live performance & interview), William Tyler, Evangelicals, First Aid Kit, The Radio Dept., Mastodon, Punch Brothers, WMUC all
    F/U_T/UR//E ((GUESTS)): THE F|U|T|U|R|E

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