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Third Rail Radio

Scheduled Time: sun 1800 - 2100 on channel 1
DJs: He Wang, Jon Bismut
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: Live Music
AIM: joebz5


Since 1997, WMUC 88.1 FM has been putting on Live Music over the airwaves and over the internet for all to enjoy for FREE. For the love of music we bring you the best in independent music of all genres! We're located on the University of Maryland's College Park Campus

All Third Rail shows are live and on air, Sundays 6 - 9pm Eastern, and live audiences are welcome. Unless otherwise noted, all shows are free. You can come watch and listen to the shows live at: 3130 South Campus Dining Hall
College Park, MD 20742

Send all booking inquiries for Third Rail Radio to Guests:

Feb.20th: The Revelevens, Blinding Eye Dog, Bukkake Party Tonight!
Feb.27th: North Country, Paperhaus ,Laughing Man
Mar.6th: Folk/Indie Cynthia and Alex Katz
Mar.13th: Jordan Fairbanks
Mar.27th: Sexy Neighbors, Black Umbrella

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02/06/11He Wang02/06/11 18:42:57
02/13/11Jon Bismut02/13/11 19:02:28
02/20/11Jon Bismut02/20/11 20:35:12
02/27/11Aaditya Chandrasekar02/27/11 21:51:11
03/27/11He Wang03/27/11 19:18:55
04/10/11He Wang04/10/11 20:12:57
04/03/11Aaditya Chandrasekar04/03/11 20:44:25
04/24/11He Wang04/24/11 20:38:41
05/01/11He Wang05/01/11 18:29:43
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01/23/11Jon Bismut01/23/11 18:30:09