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Jamal Ferby

AIM: jferb07
Favorite Books: Pursuit of Happynes by Christopher Gardner Jude the Obscure Jack Kerouac
Favorite Bands: Jay-Z, Amy Winehouse, YO GOTTI, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Lupe Fiasco, Lauryn Hill, Eminem, Young Jeezy, Bob Marley, M.I.A., WALE, John Legend, COMMON, Gym Class Heroes, Jimi Hendrix, Maroon 5, John Mayer, Wale, Lily Allen, Santogold, Andre 3000, Jack Johnson, Norah Jones, Bill Withers, B.o.B, Nas, Nirvana, Eric B & Rakim, Kidz In The Hall, The Cool Kids, Coldplay, Corrine Bailey Rae, Stevie Wonder, Gwen Stefani, Lenny Kravitz, Black Eyed Peas, Jay Electronica
Favorite Quotes: “College is a refuge from hasty judgment.” - Robert Frost "Only the stupid need organization, the genius controls the chaos!" -Albert Einstein
Favorite Other WMUC Show: T.A.S.K. Productions Presents…FlyBoyRadio
Other Info:
J. F E R B

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03/05/08Southern Hospitality w/ J. Ferb 03/05/08 10:08:40
03/12/08Southern Hospitality w/ J. Ferb 05/09/08 17:37:03
03/26/08Southern Hospitality w/ J. Ferb 03/27/08 19:25:55
04/02/08Southern Hospitality w/ J. Ferb 04/03/08 04:58:06
04/09/08Southern Hospitality w/ J. Ferb 05/09/08 16:57:24
03/19/08Southern Hospitality w/ J. Ferb 04/26/08 08:21:40
04/16/08Southern Hospitality w/ J. Ferb 05/09/08 17:08:12
04/16/08The Alternative Breakfast Party From Hell04/16/08 09:08:05
04/23/08Southern Hospitality w/ J. Ferb 04/26/08 08:27:51
05/07/08Southern Hospitality w/ J. Ferb 05/09/08 15:58:23
05/14/08Southern Hospitality w/ J. Ferb 05/15/08 00:03:03
09/09/08On-Air: Southern Hospitality with J.Ferb09/10/08 02:01:57
09/16/08On-Air: Southern Hospitality with J.Ferb09/22/08 06:50:34
09/23/08On-Air: Southern Hospitality with J.Ferb09/28/08 15:26:28
10/07/08On-Air: Southern Hospitality with J.Ferb10/14/08 08:06:27
10/14/08On-Air: Southern Hospitality with J.Ferb10/21/08 08:46:38
10/21/08On-Air: Southern Hospitality with J.Ferb10/28/08 09:40:46
04/15/09Southern Hospitality w/ J.FERB04/15/09 11:12:53
04/22/09Southern Hospitality w/ J.FERB04/22/09 10:01:31
05/27/09Southern Hospitality06/03/09 09:39:36