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Sean Gray

E-Mail: DNAintheDNA [at] Gmail [dot] com
AIM: Bluetrane478
Favorite Books: sllac knarp GOTH MUSIC
Favorite Bands: The chiefs, My Bloody Valentine, SIXES, Homostupids, C.C.C.C. Albert Ayler, Negative Approach, Morton Feldman, Death in June, Burzum, Harry Pussy, Swans, Unwound, Remo Voor, Poison Idea, Hijokaidan, Sun Ra, Ash, Sonny Sharrock, D.R.I, Nine Shocks Terror, WARMTH, Astrobrite, Earth, Superdrag Keiji Haino, Baby Bird, Pink Reason
Favorite Quotes: race like a piss horse
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Hot Socks Radio
Other Info:
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Show DateShow Name Last Modified
09/28/07Hot Socks Radio09/28/07 18:05:33
09/30/07DNA in the DNA09/30/07 08:58:34
10/07/07DNA in the DNA10/07/07 09:00:15
10/14/07DNA in the DNA10/14/07 08:57:44
10/28/07DNA in the DNA10/28/07 08:58:23
11/04/07DNA in the DNA11/04/07 09:01:43
11/11/07DNA in the DNA11/11/07 08:57:33
12/09/07DNA in the DNA12/09/07 08:49:39
12/16/07DNA in the DNA12/16/07 06:18:13
12/16/07DNA in the DNA12/16/07 08:59:02
12/21/07Pizza Party!12/21/07 20:07:45
01/04/08DNA in the DNA01/04/08 19:59:09
01/11/08DNA in the DNA01/11/08 19:56:06
02/01/08DNA in the DNA02/01/08 19:57:58
02/08/08DNA in the DNA02/08/08 20:00:11
02/15/08DNA in the DNA02/15/08 19:57:55
02/22/08DNA in the DNA02/22/08 19:59:37
03/28/08DNA in the DNA03/28/08 17:53:19
02/29/08DNA in the DNA02/29/08 19:58:28
03/07/08DNA in the DNA03/07/08 19:59:29
03/14/08DNA in the DNA03/14/08 20:04:01
03/21/08DNA in the DNA03/21/08 18:47:14
04/04/08DNA in the DNA04/04/08 19:58:05
04/11/08DNA in the DNA04/11/08 19:56:34
04/18/08DNA in the DNA04/18/08 20:04:39
04/25/08DNA in the DNA04/25/08 19:57:10
05/02/08DNA in the DNA05/02/08 19:48:45
05/09/08DNA in the DNA05/09/08 20:01:54
05/16/08DNA in the DNA05/16/08 19:59:04
05/21/08the grown n sexy05/21/08 18:03:18
05/23/08DNA in the DNA05/23/08 19:47:21
05/30/08DNA in the DNA05/30/08 19:57:12
06/06/08DNA in the DNA06/06/08 20:12:22
06/13/08DNA in the DNA06/13/08 20:05:30
07/11/08DNA in the DNA07/11/08 20:00:28
07/18/08DNA in the DNA07/18/08 19:57:46
08/08/08DNA in the DNA08/08/08 19:58:39
08/15/08DNA in the DNA08/15/08 19:52:57
08/29/08DNA in the DNA08/29/08 20:11:09
09/05/08DNA in the DNA09/05/08 19:52:03
09/12/08DNA in the DNA09/12/08 20:48:11
09/19/08DNA in the DNA09/19/08 19:52:19
10/03/08DNA in the DNA10/03/08 20:01:06
10/10/08DNA in the DNA10/10/08 20:02:16
10/17/08DNA in the DNA10/17/08 19:37:23
10/24/08DNA in the DNA10/24/08 19:50:49
10/28/08Smash Your Ipod10/28/08 17:29:28
10/31/08DNA in the DNA10/31/08 20:01:26
11/07/08DNA in the DNA11/07/08 19:38:58
11/14/08DNA in the DNA11/14/08 19:57:33
11/21/08DNA in the DNA11/21/08 20:04:04
12/05/08DNA in the DNA12/05/08 19:59:51
12/19/08DNA in the DNA12/19/08 19:59:39
01/29/09DNA in the DNA01/29/09 20:00:46
02/05/09DNA in the DNA02/05/09 19:57:54
02/26/09DNA in the DNA02/26/09 19:47:47
03/05/09DNA in the DNA03/05/09 19:56:11
03/26/09DNA in the DNA03/26/09 19:58:52
04/02/09DNA in the DNA04/02/09 19:59:54
04/30/09DNA in the DNA04/30/09 19:58:14
05/07/09DNA in the DNA05/07/09 19:58:42
05/14/09DNA in the DNA05/14/09 19:11:45
06/18/09DNA in the DNA06/18/09 20:00:07
06/25/09DNA in the DNA06/25/09 19:51:18
07/09/09DNA in the DNA07/09/09 19:58:10
08/31/09DNA in the DNA08/31/09 20:02:38
09/28/09DNA in the DNA09/28/09 19:31:40
10/12/09DNA in the DNA10/12/09 18:43:29
10/26/09DNA in the DNA10/26/09 20:19:25
11/08/09Third Rail Radio11/08/09 20:31:31
11/16/09DNA in the DNA11/16/09 19:57:42
12/07/09DNA in the DNA12/07/09 20:00:25
12/23/09DNA in the DNA12/24/09 00:01:09
02/01/10DNA in the DNA02/01/10 23:58:07
02/22/10DNA in the DNA02/22/10 23:55:38
03/08/10DNA in the DNA03/09/10 00:00:25
03/29/10DNA in the DNA03/29/10 23:47:00
05/23/10Third Rail Radio05/23/10 20:57:40
09/12/10Third Rail Radio09/12/10 20:55:07
09/13/10Get Up and Fight09/13/10 19:35:42
09/20/10Get Up and Fight09/20/10 19:27:38
09/26/10Third Rail Radio09/26/10 20:36:20
09/27/10Get Up and Fight09/27/10 19:31:35
10/10/10Third Rail Radio10/04/10 19:39:53
10/11/10Get Up and Fight10/11/10 19:55:40
10/18/10Get Up and Fight10/18/10 19:22:26
11/29/10Get Up and Fight12/17/10 17:58:48