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#ArtistTrackAlbum / Comment
1James HanniganSoviet MarchCommand & Conquer: Red Alert 3
2Timothy Michael WynnThe European Storm"
3"The Motherland"
4Frank KlepackiGrinder 2"
5"Hell March 3"
6Mikael SandgrenRed Alert 3 Credits"
7Kenta NagataThe Legendary HeroThe Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
9"Forest Haven"
10"Outset Island"
12Stewart CopelandDream Weaver's HomeSpyro the Dragon
14"Dark Hollow"
15David WiseFlight of the ZingerDonkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong's Quest
16"Forest Interlude"
17"Bayou Boogie"
18"Klomp's Romp"
19Eminence OrchestraThe Visions of the Lich King OvertureEchoes of War
20"Journey to Kalimdor"
21"Eternity's End"
22Makoto TomozawaThe Flutter vs. the GesselschaftMegaman Legends
23"Concerto of Hapshi Code"
24"Your Wind is Blowing"
26"Heart-Felt Recollections"
28"The Ballad of Sir Kibbles"
29O'Donnell & SalvatoriTruth and Reconciliation SuiteHalo: Combat Evolved
30"Rock Anthem for Saving the World"
31"Ambiant Wonder"
32"Dust and Echoes"
33Rick Astley, Yasunori MitsudaRick/Robo
34Cafe TacubaVolver a CommenzarLittleBigPlanet