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#TrackArtistAlbum / Comment
1Wham CityDan DeaconSpiderman of the Rings
2The ModelBig BlackThe Model/He's A Whore 7"
3Kool ShadesVideo HipposUnbeast the Leash
4Piano AquieuStars of the LidThe Tired Sounds Of...
5Tremor DeliverancesRobedoorRobedoor/Yellow Swans split 7" (Arbor CD-R Records)
6Aura LeeAarkticaBliss Out v. 18
71WZT HeartsHeat Chief
8Slobbery MassesRaccoo-oo-oons/t 7" on Gilgongo
9Side ASnack TruckTerrier of the Pale Moon 7"
10On Some Faraway BeachBrian EnoHere Come The Warm Jets
11Blank FrankBrian EnoHere Come The Warm Jets
12GlyphsZsone-sided 10"
13All's Well Blah Blah BlahThe Show is the Rainbow
14Memorie dal FuturoMono
15Shut Up, I NeverBlack Eyes
16Spring Hall ConvertDeerhunter
17Sick DolphinVideo Hippos
18The Song is the SingleBARR
19Chemical WeddingDouble Leopards
20StrictHair Police