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#TrackArtistAlbum / Comment
1Must Be West/I Would Dream/A Busy Morning -JACKET WEATHER -When Shadows Move 7 Inch EP - Iconoclast Records
2She Blinded Me With Science -JOHN MONOPOLY -7 Inch - Zomba Enterprise Records
3Mi Ne Parolas -IXNA -7 Inch - Dumb Records
4The Merger -THE HENDERSONS -7 Inch - Inkabink Records
5I Think I Love You -ISM -7 Inch - S.I.N. Records
6Gone Ridin' -CHRIS ISAAK -7 Inch - Warner Bros. Records
7Whore/Deathrace 1972 -INVISIBLE COWBOYS -7 Inch - Clubland Records
8Investigator Man -JETPACK -7 Inch - Atomic Action! Records
9Mongoose -INTERIOR -7 Inch - Model Rocket Records
10Zombie Lover -THE INSULTS -7 Inch - Ric-Mar Records
11Just Cause/Barnyard -THE IN OUT -7 Inch - Viscera Versa Records
12Cybernetter's Eggs -THE IN OUT -7 Inch Viscera Versa Records
13Seven Hours By Motorboat -THE INDIVIDUALS -7 Inch - Plexus Records
14The Styler/No Next Time -THE INSECT -7 Inch - 360 Twist! Records
15Wet Camel -INSANITY -7 Inch - Instant Tea Records
16Lethal Weapon -ICE-T -7 Inch - Sire Records
17Southern Fried/Souless -INERTIA -Bubonic Babbleon 7 Inch EP - Victrola Records
18Fairless Square -INDIGO ZEROS - 7 Inch - Tombstone Records
19Saw It Comin' All Along -THE INCREDIBLE CASUALS -7 Inch - Red Rooster Records
20Eugenics -INCH -7 Inch - Atlantic Records
21The Secretary's Tune -THE IMPRINTS -7 Inch - Rev Records
22Baby Baby -THE IMPOSSIBLE YEARS -7 Inch - Self Pressing
23She Creatures -IMPLOG -7 Inch - Log. Records
24Wonderful Life -JOE CHRIST & THE HEALING FAITH -7 Inch - Reliable Records
25Funny Thing -WILLIE JOE -7 Inch - Pure-Black-Soul Records
26Are You Lonesome Tonight -THE JIVE FIVE -7 Inch - Rounder Records
27Crazy -MINERAL -Split 7 Inch w/Jimmy Eat World & Sense Field - Crank Records
28Delaware/Moderate Combo Theme Song -THE JOHN HUSS MODERATE COMBO -Braying Mantis 7 Inch EP - It Won't Go Flat Records
29Jesus '79 -JOHNNY GO -7 Inch - Ricochet Records
30Es Mi Mujer -JOHNNY & RAY -7 Inch - Polygram Latino Records
31Bob "Bondex" Johnston -BOB "BONDEX" JOHNSTON -7 Inch - Liquid Meat Records
32Crash Test Bodies/King Ape -BOB "BONDEX JOHNSTON -7 Inch - X-Mist Records
33Love Your Sexy Ways -LUTHER "GUITAR JR." JOHNSON -7 Inch - Pulsar Records
34Casting My Spell On You -WILKO JOHNSON'S SOLID SENDERS -7 Inch - Nighthawk Records
35Shot Down Again/Broken Whiskey Glass -JASON & THE NASHVILLE SCORCHERS -Reckless Country Songs 7 Inch EP - Praxis Records
36Psycho/Electric Third Rail -THE JARS -7 Inch - Subterranean Records
37KCL -JANITOR JOE -7 Inch Picture Disc - Amphetamine Reptile Records
38Spin The Bottle -JIMMY -7 Inch - Fatima Records
39Reel World (Beat Boys & B Girls) -JIMBOCO & CITY BEAT -7 Inch - Nails Records
40Goody, Goody -JENNIFER & THE QUALIFIERS -7 Inch - Studio 19 Records
41Light The Sky On Fire -JEFFERSON STARSHIP -7 Inch - Grunt Records
42Drive My Car -JETZ -7 Inch - Flipside Records
43I Love You You Bastard -JETTISON CHARLIE -7 Inch - Peas Kor Records
44Suicidal Tendencies -THE JETSONS -7 Inch - Gulch Cords Records
45Heads Will Roll -DAVID JAMES -7 Inch - Rim Records
46Start! -THE JAM -7 Inch - Polydor Records
47Rainbow Red Horizon -THE JAKK -7 Inch - Trigon Records
48Anyone Can Play -JACK FROSTING -7 Inch - Electric Baby Records