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#TrackArtistAlbum / Comment
1Highlife -HECTOR IN PARIS -7 Inch - Mom's Old-Fashioned Home-Style Records
2Her Fix/Reach For The Sun -HED -Zonk Screech Yowl Vavoom Crunch 7 Inch EP - Exploding Cow Records
3Plastic Fantastic Lover/Man Smart (Woman Smarter) -HALLELUJAH HATRACK -7 Inch - 'Roo Records
4Come Spend The Night With Me -PAUL HAMILTON -7 Inch - Belmont Records
5976-Kill/Brain In A Jar/Bitch Like You -HAUNTED GARAGE -7 Inch - Sympathy For The Record Industry
6Blind Date -THE HAVOC -7 Inch - Gabb Records
7The Jam Was Moving -DEBBIE HARRY -7 Inch - Chrysalis
8Lonely Blue Boy -BILLY HANCOCK -7 Inch - Ripsaw Records
9Merry Christmas, Pretty Baby -JESSIE MAE HEMPHILL -7 Inch - High Water Recording Company Records
10Version -LLOYD HEMMINGS -7 Inch - Prophet Records
11Don't Stray -LAURA HELLIK THE ENIGMATIC -7 Inch - Studio 5 Records
12Wide Receiver (Part II) -MICHAEL HENDERSON -7 Inch - Buddah Records
13That's Your Daddy Yaddy Yo/Georgia Slop - -HI-FI & THE ROADBURNERS -Be Bop Boogie & Petty Crime 7 Inch EP - Torpedo Records
14Sperm Cracked The Egg -THE HISTORY OF LUMINOUS MOTION -7 Inch - Vavoom Records
15Hit Me! -THE AVERAGE JOE -7 Inch - Golden Triangle Records
16Laughing Man -HOBO -7 Inch - Synergy Records
17Killjoy/Melville/Lighthouse/Birdbath -HOME AND GARDEN -7 Inch - After Hours Records
18Rumor Has It - THE HONEYDOGS -7 Inch - Mercury Records
19Sex Machine - JACK HEARD -7 Inch - DB Records
20Poor Little Rich Girl -JOE DANGER -7 Inch - G Spot Records
21Stains -HEADCRASH -7 Inch - Discovery Records
22Sacred Space -HEADTRAMA -7 Inch - Theologian Records
23Teenage Idol/Non-Melodic -HEAD CHEESE -7 Inch - Burn Potential Records
24Sip Of Death -H.P. ZINKER -7 Inch - Matador Records
25The Legend Of Soggy Creek/Cruising -THE HAIRY PATT BAND -7 Inch - Sunflower Girl Records
26Military Rap -DEBBIE HARRY -7 Inch - Chrysalis Records
27Tulsa Time -STEVE HAYES -7 Inch - Aaframbia Records
28Health Place/Socket Song -HAPPY SUPPLY -7 Inch - Dutch Courage Records
29Miss Jessie Lee -BILLY HANCOCK WITH THE TENNESSEE ROCKETS -7 Inch - Ripsaw Records
30We No Scalawa (Version) -LLOYD HEMMINGS -7 Inch - Prophet Records
31Legendary Wild Kingdom -MICK HARGRAVE AND HIS LEGENDARY WILD ENSEMBLE -7 Inch - Headflies Records
32Search And Destroy -THE HERETICS -7 Inch - Get Hip Records
33Me La Robaste -HUMBERTO HERRERA -7 Inch - Fontana Records
34Shortbus/Rust -HEGOAT -7 Inch - Allied Recordings Records
35Report Card Day/Randy And The Donuts -STEVE HAYES -7 Inch - Aaframbia Records
36Are The Stars Out Tonight -HAMLET IDIOT -7 Inch - Primitive Records
37Woodstalk -PERFECT HELLER -7 Inch - Corrugatedwhat Records
38No Talk In The Eighties/New Spartans -THE HATES -7 Inch - Faceless Records
39Bohemia -ROBERT HAYDEN -7 Inch - Label Unknown