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#TrackArtistAlbum / Comment
1Lost Soul's Day - THE BEVIS FROND -What Did For The Dinosaurs CD
2Lord Of The Storms -EMPEROR - Emperor/Wrath Of The Tyrant CD
3Wrath Of The Tyrant - EMPEROR - Emperor/Wrath Of The Tyrant CD
4Blood Song - R. WEIS - Mystery Of The Egg CD
5Big Sur -JANEL & ANTHONY -Where Is Home LP
6The Clearing -JANEL & ANTHONY -Where Is Home LP
7Leaving The Woods -JANEL & ANTHONY -Where Is Home LP
8Guitar - ONEWAYNESS - Droneworks 2 Cassette
9Upsidedown Cross -UPSIDEDOWN CROSS - Untitled CD
10Indigo On Grey -COLLA PARTE - Fields/Figures CD
11Repeat Defender -PILESAR - Stereo Space CD
12Pinky Swear -PILESAR - Stereo Space CD
13How Not To Be -PILESAR - Stereo Space CD
14Keith's Drum Machine - PILESAR - Stereo Space CD
15Sun Dancers -BLUE SAUSAGE INFANT - Mother's Meat CD
16Night Of The Zombies -BLUE SAUSAGE INFANT - Mother's Meat CD
17Humstrung -HAT CITY INTUITIVE -./\/\/\/\// CD
18Casey Jnr -BLK W/BEAR -Sorry About Your (Remixes) CD
19Sumimasen/... ..- --..--.-... .-. -BLK W/BEAR -Sorry About Your (Remixes) CD
20Aqua Penetrativa - MERCURY FOOLS THE ALCHEMIST -The Science Of Unobtainable Results CD
21Stabbed By An Angel - HEROINE SHEIKS - Out Of Aferica CD
22Relfective Chrome Waves - INSECT FACTORY -Split Seven Inch with RST
23Burn Out - RST - Split Seven Inch with Insect Factory
24Johnson City Rain -KINGDOM OF SHARKS -Sulphur Springs Cassette
25Tibetan Book Of The Dead (Audiobook) -KINGDOM OF SHARKS -Sulphur Springs Cassette
26(The) Fight Song -BUNNY BRAINS -Box The Bunny 4 CD 1 DVD Set
27Onic Outh (Double Pumped Version) -BUNNY BRAINS -Box The Bunny 4 CD 1 DVD Set
28Frantic Freeway -SPIKE JONES & HIS CITY SLICKERS - Spiked! The Music Of Spike Jones CD
29Curious Discovery -LAYNE GARRETT -Growing Through Improvised Music CD
30Cup #1 & #2 -GINO ROBAIR -New Dimensions In Styrofoam Seven Inch
31Plate #1& #2 -GINO ROBAIR -New Dimensions In Styrofoam Seven Inch
32For Lev Termen & Nikola Tesla -GINO ROBAIR -Electromagnetism/Electricity Seven Inch
33For Pierre Henry -GINO ROBAIR -Electromagnetism/Electricity Seven Inch
34For Keith Rowe -GINO ROBAIR -Electromagnetism/Electricity Seven Inch
35Electricity (In Twelve Parts) -GINO ROBAIR -Electromagnetism/Electricity Seven Inch
361 -V. -LLE ' nipbuillapan hinpia CD
37Golem -AWRKID -V. CDR
38Guitar Solo In A Rainforest - THUG - Electric Woolly Mammoth LP
39Control Room -MONOLITH -V/A: The Shape Of Sound Volume 2: Melbourne Australia CD