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#TrackArtistAlbum / Comment
1Island Fuse - SET 1 Arthur Cantrill - The Shape Of Sound Vol. 2: Melbourne Australia CD
2Plutonium Theft -Barnaby Oliver - The Shape Of Sound Vol. 2: Melbourne Australia CD
3Have Lawn Chair Will Travel -Galactagogue -The Shape Of Sound Vol. 2: Melbourne Australia CD
4Through The Hedge - Bevis Frond - Hit Squad CD
5Lil Red Riding Hood - Sam The Sham & The Pharoahs - Seven Inch
6Dark Night - Flat Duo Jets - Lucky Eye CD
7Start The Party -The DirtBombs - Dangerous Magical Noice CD
8Kill Yourself - Pussy Galore - Groovy Hate Fuck LP
920th Century Sex Plague -9353 -Insult To Injury - Magically Delicious CD
10Don't Push Me Away - SET 2 The Hate Bombs - Wrong Place / Wrong Time CD
11Mexico or Bust - New Kingdom - Paradise Dont Com Cheap CD
12Drinking' Shine - Box Car Satan / Ghostwriter - Box Car Satan CD Compilation
13Hoochie Coochie Man -Pine Top Perkins - Legends Hubert Sumlin CD
14Dreams - Ripping Dylans - Tumors CD - Flintstones Winston Commercial -
1514 - Negativland - Negativland LP
16In Every Dream Home A Heartache - Sudden Infant - Invocation Of The Aural Slave Gods CD
17Four Feather Falls Song - Barry Gray Orchestra - Four Feather Falls Youtube episode
18Swamp LandScientists 9/3/10 Kutcher's NYC ATP 2010 -Scientists 9/3/10 Kutcher's NYC ATP 2010 CD
19Supertheory of Supereverthing -Gogol Bordello - Super Taranta! CD
20Oh Children - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - The Abattoir Blues Tour 2004 CD
21Stronger Than You Need to Be - W. C. Clark - Deep In The Heart CD
22What Wilbur? - Snakefinger - 7 inch
23Crap Can - Fossil Fuel - Knife Rock EP 7 inch
24Ocular Orbit - SET 3: Paul Kidney Experience with Mani Neumeier - Paul Kidney Experience with Mani Neumeier CD
25I Hate Myself - Brainsaw - Open Up CD
26Old Spur Line - Legendary Shack-Shakers - Swampblood CD
27Can't Sleep - End Of The West - Bent CD
28Panic Pure - Vic Chesnutt - West Of Rome CD
29Dutch Barge Dog - Wevie Stonder - Eat Your Own Ears LP
30You're To Make Young Gems - Caroliner - Rainbow Wire Thin Sheep Legs Baking Exhibit
31Revelation 101 -Chikmountain - Porn On The Cob CD
32Scorpio Girl - Helios Creed - Nugg The Transport CD
33Ascenders - SET 4: A Troop Of Echoes (playing live in Balt. 1/12 and 1/20/12) - Days In Automation CD
34Barnyard Pickin' - Bill Thomas - Barnyard Pickin with Bill Thomas -
35Crazy Sound - Bloodshot Bill - trashy Greasy Rockin Billy! CD
36Kissin' My Love - Bloodshot Bill - Bloodshot Bill 7 inch
37Guitar Boogie Shuffle Twist - Johnny Dyer - Listen Up CD
38Big Daddy - Jerry Reed -My Friend Jerry Reed the Worried Guitarist LP
39One O'Clock Jump -Clarence Gatemouth Brown - Gate Swing CD
40Everything You Know Is Wrong Side 2 (Excerpt) - Firesign Theater - Everything You Know Is Wrong LP
41Meal Ticket - Bunny Brains - Box the Bunny Box Set CD
42Closet Bears - Tin Huey - Before Obscurity: The Bushflow Tapes CD
43Kochari - Reptile Palace Orchestra - We Know You Know CD
44Red Rider - SET 5: Shakin' Ray Levis - Eye Sore: A Stab At The Residents
45Wiggle Stick - Rev. Horton Heat - Holy Rollers CD
46Chicken Shake -Hasil Adkins -7 inch
47Santa Clause Boogie - Hasil Adkins - 7 inch
48I've Got A Feeling - Laibach - Let it Be CD
49Chickenheads - Magic slim & the Teardrops - Blue Magic CD
50It May Wear Your Skin - Sloth (From NE Ohio) - One Sided Seven Inch
51Someone's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In - The Receptacles - Seven Inch
52One O-Clock High - Cows - Seven Inch
53Barney Google - Spike Jones & His City Slickers -Internet Archive
54Afro - Ted Bundy's Volkswagon - Get Off My Wagon Fanzine # 2 Seven Inch Compilation
55Stingray Oysters Theme - Barry Gray Orchestra - Theme Tracks
56Song # 5 - Jimmy and The Teasers -Life Size Life Like CD
57A Cemetary Mile - The Brimstones - Spend Eternity with The Brimstones CD
58Wanted Man - The Cowslingers -From Coast To Coast CD
59Trouble - Lisa Germano - Geek The Girl CD
60Dumb Ole Country Boy - Walt Huntley & Loren Whitney - Walt Huntley Orig. & Inspiring Homespun Poems with Loren Whitney LP
61Iron Horse - Motorhead - No Sleep til Hammersmith LP
62New Car Song / W. Va Spec. - Eugene Chadbourne -Country Protest CD
63Chromatic Aberration - SET 6: Paul Kidney Experience with Mani Neumeier - Paul Kidney Experience with Mani Neumeier CD
64Torchy The Battery Boy End Theme - Radio Show Themes - Radio Show Themes
65Gypsy's Curse - Calexico - The Black Light CD
66Freedom For My People - Satan and Adam - Mother Mojo CD
67Draft Beer For Ten Dimes - Todd Burge - Tin Since CD
68Sea of Blasphemy - BlackLips - Let It Bloom CD
69Wayfaring Stranger - Neko Case - The Tigers Have Spoken CD
70Track 5QFTN - "Live" on the Irrelevant Show CD
71Beyond the Grave - Lubricated Goat - Plays the Devils Music LP
72I Have Come To Kill You - Henrietta Collins and the Wife Beating Child Haters - Drive By Shooting EP
73Metropolis - Blue Sausage Infant - Mother's Meat CD
74A Night In - Tindersticks - Tindersticks CD
75No Friend of Mine - SET 7 - The Cynics -Cynicism CD
76Bending Knees - The Cogburns - Pay Up Sucker CD
77Shoo Shoo Boogie Boo - 1929 - Ethel Waters - Compilation CD
78St. Louis Blues - Bessie Smith - Compilation CD
79Candy Man - Wanda Jackson - Compilation CD
80Echo Dwellers - BASHA - BASHA - Do Not Discriminate Against Sounds
81Psychodrama Showdown - New Carrollton - That Was Really Great Cassette
82Black President - Rudimentary Peni - The EP's of RP LP
83Dickhead - Thug - Electric Woolly Mammoth LP
84Guido's Alphabet Garden - Wevie Stonder - Drawing On Other People's Heads CD
85Wilf In Builth -Renaldo & The Loaf - Arabic Yodelling LP
86Secret Service Opening Theme - Barry Gray Orchestra - DVD
87Old toy commercials
88You And the Kitten - Jon Wayne - Texas Funeral LP
89Solo - John Von Ryan - You're Soaking In It...the Sounds and Smells Of Load Records CD
90Hootars -Gerty Farish - You're Soaking In It...the Sounds and Smells Of Load Records CD
91Cavity Search - Mr. Brinkman - You're Soaking In It...the Sounds and Smells Of Load Records CD
92Untitled -Frankie & The SEMM - Panicsville CD
93The Candybar Caper / The Curse - Sloth (From NE Ohio) - Seven Inch
94Production Of Souls - Post Abortion Stress - Pure Energy Output Sessions CD