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#TrackArtistAlbum / Comment
1Untitled - Human Head Transplant - Hic Et Ubique Uno Animo Cassette
2The Blue Tar Pits -Oliver Squash - Sounds & Noises Cassette
3James At 19 -Oliver Squash - Sounds & Noises Cassette
4All The Time Lose My Mind -Oliver Squash -Sounds & Noises Cassette
5The Dripping Wine In the Lab Down the Street -Oliver Squash -Sounds & Noises Cassette
6Zooing Forward -Oliver Squash -Sounds & Noises Cassette
7Whispering Want - Berlin Diary - Berlin Diary Vol. 9: Bloomsday Koan
8Irish Widow Compliment -Berlin Diary - Berlin Diary Vol. 9: Bloomsday Koan
9Untitled - tENTATIVELY a cONVENIENCE - Generic As-Beenism Cassette
10Excerpt - (w/Crazy Otto) - Peach Of Immortality - Jehovah My Black Ass, REM Is Air Supply LP
11Black Bottom - Spike Jones & His City Slickers - Internet Archive
12Blood And Bone -Jandek - Staring At The Cellophane CD
13Chaos Introduction / Awareness - Kali Yoga Chaos Meditation -Chaos Meditation Cassette
14Choppin' Down the Weeds - Eugene Chadbourne - Country Protest CD
15The Room -Chikmountain -Porn On The Cob CD
16Untitled - Sloth - Dawn Of the Rim Financiers Cassette
17Warping Substance - Blue Sausage Infant - Mother's Meat CD
18Go Sit On The Beach / Death Of A Wolf - Missing Foundation - Chemical Imbalance 1988 VHS Compilation: Mouthful Of Sweat
19One Sunday When I Went To The St. Oven Flea Market -New Carrollton - That Was Really Great Cassette
20Dans L'armoire (with Bene Gesserit) -New Carrollton -That Was Really Great Cassette
21Hissing Black Lumps (Live WMUC 10.3.86) - New Carrollton - That Was Really Great Cassette
22Lame From His Mothers Womb - Premature Ejaculation - Assertive Discipline LP
23Human Life - Ghostwriter - Darkest Hour CD
24?? - Caroliner -LP
25Ajax Liquor Store - Hudson and Landry - Hanging In There LP
26Untitled - Frankie & The SEMM -CD
27Model Bitch (Runway Vers.) -Bunny Brains - Box The Bunny box set
28Mrs. Rose -Bunny Brains -Box The Bunny box set
29Green Room - Bunny Brains -Box The Bunny box set
30Untitled - Drooling Zoomers - Live on WMUC 4/28/91
31Velocity Addition Formula - Paul Kidney Experience - Slocombe's Pussy vs. The Paul Kidney Experience CD
32Intro / Penis Idiot Burn Lout - ThugElectric Wooly Mammoth LP
33Don't Inter-Fear - Thug - Electric Wooly Mammoth LP
34Childish Behaivior - Thug -Electric Wooly Mammoth LP
35Empty Spaces - Monolith - V/A: New Weird Australia: Unpopular Music 2011 MP3 comp
36La Cicatrice Interieure - Mystic Eyes - The Shape Of Sound Vol. 1: Melbourne Australia CD
37Hunting For Teeth - Die On Planes - New Weird Australia Vol. 9: Bleak Metal
38Drowning - Donna Hewitt - New Weird Australia Vol. 10: Vox
39Lysol - Melvins - Lysol CD