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#ArtistTrackAlbum / Comment
1PowergloveThis is HalloweenSaturday Morning Apocalypse
2ByzantineA Residual HauntingOblivion Beckons
3Morbid AngelChapel of GhoulsAlters of Madness
4NecrophobicThe UnhallowedThe Third Antichrist
5The FacelessThe Ghost of a StrangerAkeldama
6Old Man's ChildOn the Devil's ThroneSlaves of the World
7Gamma BombZombie Blood NightmareCitizen Brain
8CoffinsCorpse ParadePlanet Metal
9VindicatorHallows EveThere Will Be Blood
10Melecesh Ghouls of NinevehThe Epigenesis
11SlayerGhosts of WarSouth of Heaven
12AutopsyRobbing the GraveMental Funeral
13Rigor MortisVampireRigor Mortis
14Artillery10,000 DevilsWhen Death Comes
15The AccusedAvenue of the DeadThe Curse of Martha Splatterhead
16DeceasedNight of the DeceasedFearless Undead Machines
17Cannibal CorpsePit of ZombiesGore Obsessed
18The CrownDeadspawnPossessed 13
19SodomWitching MetalIn the Final Sign of Evil
20Running WildProwling WerewolfRogues en Vogue
21BloodbathHades RisingThe Fathomless Mastery
22RevocationTail from the CryptEmpire of the Obscene
24Metal Witch The Count Has Risen from the GraveOutbreak of Metal Vol. 1
25DeathZombie RitualScream Bloody Gore
26October 31Salem's CurseThe Fire Awaits You