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#TrackArtistAlbum / Comment
1Right On (Hippy Dream)-Bevis Frond-Sprawl CD
2Livin' For The City-Dirtbombs-Ultraglide In Black CD
3The Games Got A Price-Flipper -Public Flipper Limited Live 1980-1985 LP
4Glum-Giant Sand-Glum CD
5Shoelaces-Rev. Fred Lane & Ron "Pate's" Debonairs-Lyrics By Ernest Noyes Brookings Compilation LP
6El Chubasco-Los Colores-Tex-Mex Fiesta Compilation CD
7Unknown Persian Seven Inch-Unknown Persian Seven Inch-Unknown Persian Seven Inch
8Sitting On The Mong Everyday-Do Grin Edits-Spymania Vol. 1 Compilation
9WTF Is Art Rap-Open Mike Eagle-Unapologetic Art Rap (MP3)
10Real Cool Cowboy-Wild Man Fischer-Nothing Scary CD
11Much Obliged fer Diggin' Taters With You-Pilesar-Radio Friendly CD
12Hidden Track-Pilesar-Radio Friendly CD
13Have We Met?-Spoken War Vs. Kingdom Of Sharks-End Times CD
14The Human Condition-Spoken War Vs. Kingdom Of Sharks-End Times CD
15The Blues-Spoken War Vs. Kingdom Of Sharks-End Times CD
16Subferal-Blue Sausage Infant-Negative Space LP
17You've Wasted Your Time And Your Money-Stolen Government Binder Clip-A Fine Compost Cassette
18Involved-White 'N' Hairy-Empty Skulls: The Wound Deepens Vol. 2
19Live at Yah Yah's Fitzroy 9/3/10 Part One-Paul Kidney Experience-YouTube
20Left Me on A Train-Whiskey Daredevils-Introducing The Whiskey Daredevils CD
211-3-Negativland-Negativland LP
22Lodestar-Husk-Melt Compilation CD
23The Reward Of Cruelty-Hydra-Melt Compilation CD
24Biggest Little Prick In the Union-Arab On Radar-Rough Day At the Orifice CD
25Hijacked-Barry Gray Orchestra-No Strings Attached 10 Inch
26She's Dead And We All Fall Down-Current 93-Portable Altamont Compilation CD
27The Doctors-Hudson and Landry-Hanging In There LP
28Neighborhood Kid-God Bullies-Kill The King CD
29Janky-Jandek-Graven Image CD
30Und-Wevie Stonder-Drawing On Other Peoples Heads CD
31No Negation-Fast Forty-District Of Noise Vol. 2 Compilation CD
32Chicken Walk 1956-Hasil Adkins-Poultry In Motion CD
33Kuyaway-Yma Sumac-Legend Of The Sun Virgin LP
34Like A Store Front Display-Howe Gelb-Hisser CD
35Time Loves A Hero-Little Feat-Wating For Columbus LP
36Scope-Coil-Portable Altamont Compilaton CD
37Monkey Puzzle-Jungle Odyssey-Jungle Odyssey LP
38Hearts & Barbarians-Saccharin Trust-Cracks In The Sidewalk Compilation LP
39?-Neo Zalanda-Dry Lungs Vol. 1 Compilation LP
40?-Esplendor Geometrico-Dry Lungs Vol. 1 Compilation LP
41Dvacet-Plastic People Of The Universe-1997 CD
42Sonicervex-Cash Slave Clique-District Of Noise Vol. 1