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#ArtistTrackAlbum / Comment
1Discordance AxisWheels Within WheelsUlterior
2Discordance AxisHarmony BatteryuUlterior
3Cannibal CorpseGuttedButchered at Birth
4Trap ThemThey Followed the Scent of Jihad to Thieves ParadiseSleepwell Deconstructor
5Jaked Off ShortsSleeperFeeding the Future
6SoundgardenHunted DownHunted Down Single
7GruntruckBuriedInside Yours
8Jello and NoMeansNoFalling Space JunkThe Sky is Falling and I Want My Mommy
9ScridOralficeIsland of Misfit Toys
10LachrymoseSong 2Demo
11Thorr's HammerTrollDommedagsnatt EP
12DystopiaDiary of a Battered ChildThe Aftermath
13SalomeCarving the EtherOur Enemy Civilization
14GWARThe SalamizerScumdogs of the Universe / Awakening the 15 year old in all of us
15GoatsBloodBirth of CousinsDrull
16Iron MonkeyBad YearOur Problem
17BorisKorosuHeavy Rocks
18RamessesKhali MistBaptism of the Waking Dead
19MugwartPepper Eyewash CleanseDiscography
20KeelhaulChinese TubesockII
21AsbestosdeathSufferingDejection, Unclean
22Made Out of BabiesBunny BootsThe Ruiner
23GojiraCloneTerra Incognita
24Electric WizardFuneralopolisDopethrone