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#TrackArtistAlbum / Comment
1Travesty As UsualThe Hidden HandMother, Teacher, Destroyer
2Witness of DemiseTimebombThe Full Wrath of the Slave / Italian Crusty Blackened Thrash
3Breathe For Their NeedHomo Homini LupusWhat a Fucking Waste...
4Tear It DownDRICrossover
5Countdown to DeathCoke BustCycle of Violence
6ParticipantsWhite ShitSculpted Beef
7Wanker ColonyMistressII: The Chronovisor
8Zealots & WhoresTaintThe Ruin of Nova Roma
9Colostomy Grab-BagO.L.D.Old Lady Drivers
10Heater Moves and EyesMelvinsGluey Porch Treatments
11It's Alright To Expose Yourself To KidsGG Allin
12Bite It YourScumGG Allin
13LeprosyDrunks With GunsSecond Verses
14Pillar of FireEl BuzzardTraquilization Del Elefante
15Procreation of the WickedCeltic FrostMorbid Tales
16Cadaver BloodCoffinsBuried Death
17Left to StarveEYEHATEGODIn The Name of Suffering
18Show Me the WrathSepulturaMorbid Visions/Beastial
19BlasphemyBlood Upon the Altar
20Weltering In BloodBlasphemyBlood Upon the Altar
21How Low Can A Punk Get?Bad BrainsBlack Dots
22The RegulatorBad BrainsBad Brains
23I'll Never Forget YouHusker DuZen Arcade
26Los Angeles Que Ay En Mi PielViaje A 800Estampida De Trombones
27Total Fucking DestructionTotal Fucking DestructionThis Comp Kills Fascists
28Bob Dylan Writes Propaganda SongsBrutal TruthEvolution Through Revolution
29AquazoneDamage DigitalKabe
30Mental DiseaseUnholy GraveCrucified
31Blinded/Death From OverworkUnholy GraveCrucified
32Bait of the StateAgathoclesSuperiority Overdose
33Stop Posing and Kill SomeoneWarsoreWarsore - Nee! Split
34It is the Never and Forever That You FearUnearthly TranceIn the Red
36Red StoneBarebonesGround
37Bloodhounds on My TrailThe Black AngelsPassover
38I'm BurnedBloodhorseEP