WMUC Presents Revival

For the past 70+ years, WMUC has covered music, news, sports, and more for the College Park community. Welcome to our first revived edition of our zine! We’ve been through a lot since our last zine in 1996, and we’re glad you’re here with us now.

We want this zine to be like a time capsule for the future of WMUC. What does 2020 look like for us? Very Weird. Due to Covid-19, our operations are mostly remote. Our DJs are now broadcasting from their dorm rooms, parents’ houses, and different time zones. Our community may be more scattered than usual, but we are working tirelessly to make sense of a very tiring year.


As we approach the next zine cycle, we want to address some concerns that have been brought to our attention about the XXXTENTACION piece published in our first issue. College radio has a notorious history for both harboring abusers and sweeping these incidents under the rug--WMUC, included.

As an organization that values inclusivity and seeks to foster a welcoming environment for all of its members, we acknowledge that we should have taken more careful measures to review submitted pieces that were published in the zine and have now implemented a more attentive publishing process.

WMUC does not condone abuse in any way, shape, or form, and did not intend to normalize abuse with the piece. We want to clarify the XXXTENTACION piece’s status as an opinion piece, which does not necessarily reflect the view of the station.

Below, we have re-uploaded a version of our zine with the addition of an opinion tag in the XXXTENTACION piece. Along with not wanting to back and change the original zine in order to remain accountable to what we initially published, we decided that we also did not want to censor any voices that contributed to the zine so long as the works were not written with malintention.

We want to thank those who brought up these concerns. To our readers and community members -- please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, concerns, or comments about past and/or future issues of our zine.