WMUC Election

By Eric Harkleroad

The results of the WMUC 2020 executive board elections were announced Wednesday, with a new general manager, program director and operations director, alongside a returning business director.

Rosa Pyo, a junior journalism major, was elected general manager. Pyo is in her second year volunteering with the radio station. She hosts the show “Screaming into the Void” and is a former promotions director. She plays a variety of genres on the show and incorporates her own poetry into the lineup.

She said her favorite part of being at the station is the community.

“It’s such a vibrant community filled with people who are really passionate about what they love, whether that’s music, news, art and entertainment,” said Pyo. “They come and spend an hour here every week out of their busy college schedules to talk about that and play music that they really care about. I think that’s just something I want to deeply contribute to.”

In the future, Pyo said she wants the station to collaborate with more organizations, ranging from the Diamondback to other college radio stations.

“To learn how to be better, to work better, collaboration is so important for artistic and creative flow, and it would get our name out there as well as introduce people to what our station is,” Pyo said.

Anders Julin, a junior information sciences and operations management business analytics major, was re-elected business director. He co-hosts the show “Escape Velocity” with Calvin Crunkleton, where the two play a mix of punk and classic rock.

“We get people from all different majors, all different walks of life, backgrounds, and being able to interact with them and share the commonality of just loving music is really, really cool,” Julin said.

Julin said he enjoys being a part of the station’s long-running history. The station recently celebrated 40 years of FM broadcast.

“I think it’s really great to be a part of such a storied part of UMD,” Julin said. “Being able to be a part of that has been super, super exciting and I hope to be a part of WMUC’s future history.”

One of the projects that Julin wants to work on as a continuing business director is to make the station an arm of the student government association. He said that it would bring the station more secure funding for the station’s telephone bills that are not subject to budget cuts.

He said he also would like to get the station involved in the greater business community in the university.

Julin is a business major, and he said the background knowledge he has gained from his classes help him to do well in his position.

Delaney Accomando, a sophomore landscape architecture major, was elected operations director. She started volunteering with the station in her freshman year. She co-hosts the show “Local Girls Ruin Everything” with Eva Sanchez and is a former community outreach director. On the show, the two play indie music and discuss current events.

Accomando helped lead the team that painted the station’s 40th anniversary mural. She said the team focused on the many decades of the station’s history.

“We’ve gone through the 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s. Those are all, obviously to us, the most iconic periods of music,” Accomando said. “They all have their own special things about them.”

She said she wants to encourage more of the general body to participate in the station and wants to use her two years of community outreach director experience to achieve that goal.

“I’ve learned a lot about how to talk to people and get events done and how to gauge what people want to do.”