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Hi! Do you think you have superior music taste? Do you accept that you don’t? Either way, join Music Team to hang out and review weekly new music submissions before they hit radio! We meet on zoom on Fridays from 3-4pm, no experience required!


Join Dave Sisson host of
Dave's Record Collection
for a 79th Birthday tribute to
Jerome John "Jerry" Garcia
8-1-1942 to 8-9-1995

Saturday July 31st,2021
6 to 10 PM

One of great musicians of the 20th Century, we will journey through Jerry's illustrious career with Grateful Dead, solo, session work, covers, etc.
Requests are welcome and encouraged 301-314-8800


Japanese Breakfast Electrifies Packed House at the Fillmore Silver Spring

By Cassiel Arcilla & Quinn Dang

Michelle Zauner of Japanese Breakfast
Photo by Cassiel Arcilla

The Academic Wants You to Act Your Age

by Naomi Flores

Back in April, I had the opportunity to interview with The Academic, an Irish alternative rock, indie band composed of four friends: Craig Fitzgerald, Dean Gavin, and brothers Matthew and Stephen Murtaugh. They have such a natural and chill chemistry, which comes across in their music that has such a bright and warm sound.

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"Turn on, tune in and let us groove."

Photograph by Neil Zlozower


By WMUC DJs & Staff

To celebrate pride month, we’ve rounded up a few songs and stories that were impactful in our own queer awakenings. Here’s to living queer, having taste, and being proud, year-round.

DAVE'S RECORD COLLECTION presents... A FATHER'S DAY Tribute 6-19-2021 6-10 PM

Join Dave Sisson of "Dave's Record Collection"
Saturday June 19th, 2021 6-10 PM
for the annual tribute to
Songs to honor men and fatherhood.

Lovingly dedicated to the memory of Dave Sr. (10-13-1936 to 8-9-2018)
And in honor of my three sons.

Sabrina & Eric Review the Music Nerd Canon | #1: Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works 85-92

By Sabrina Li and Eric Harkleroad

You know the type. The kind of guy who watches Anthony Fantano, follows music shitposting accounts on IG, goes on /mu/. He’s a self-proclaimed music nerd.

“Fantano-core,” “/mu/core,” whatever you want to call it, there’s definitely a music nerd canon of albums this guy likes, and we think it’d be fun to review our way through it, one by one.

Why I wanted to burn down the world in high school even without Olivia Rodrigo

By Sabrina Li

Ok, I get it. No, I swear I do!

WMUC Presents...RELEASE.

Hello again. It’s us, and you guessed it, “we’re still kickin’.”

I want to take a second to humble brag. Only, by the time you finish reading this, you will realize the brag is not humble at all.

We took a zine, a zine that had laid dormant for nearly 25 years, never having been revived since, and turned it into one of the best damn collections of art I have ever seen. (Don’t say I’m biased, because I know).